Company Profile

Welcome to Maritime House Ltd

Maritime House Ltd was established in 1986. The Company is a family-owned business specialising in rhenium recycling and the international trade and production of specialty metals and hexamine.

Key Company Facts

The business was established by Christopher Peer as part of a career spanning 50 years in the industrial chemicals industry.

In March 2014, Maritime House Ltd acquired a rhenium recycling facility in Napanee, Canada from Molycorp Minerals Canada ULC (formerly Neo Material Technologies Ltd). The plant produces catalyst grade APR and rhenium (Re) metal pellets from a wide range of Re-bearing scrap.

The company has 25 employees in the UK and Canada, in addition to local partners.

Maritime House works worldwide with local partners to source and supply materials.

Clients receive first-class logistical service, reliable supply and competitive pricing for all products supplied.

Maritime House is REACH compliant for the companies it supplies into Europe.

Maritime House Metals Inc. 2019 Annual Regulatory Reporting.

Maritime House is a member of the Minor Metals Trade Association.

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