Bespoke sourcing of specialty metals and hexamine

  • Negotiating pricing, terms and conditions
  • Financing of payment terms
  • Contracting party for the goods purchased and supplied
  • Maintenance of supplier relationships on behalf of clients

Detailed knowledge of local markets

The Maritime House team and its local partners have the following years’ work experience:

  • Brazil – 25 years
  • China – 15 years
  • Colombia – 45 years
  • Germany – 30 years
  • Former Soviet Union – 25 years
  • UK – 45 years
  • USA – 40 years

Maritime House – your partner for international trade of specialty metals and hexamine

First class logistical services globally

Documentation and logistical operations in and out of the markets we work in can be difficult and time-consuming.

Maritime House has 25 years’ experience of dealing with the problems these entail.

The Maritime House team and its partners work to ensure that clients receive products on time and in full.

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