Hexamine (also known as hexamethylenetetramine, urotropin, HMTA) is a derivative of formaldehyde; the chemical is a crystalline solid with strong affinity towards moisture


  • Phenol/Phenolic Resins (Novolacs)
  • Rubber Vuclanization
  • Mancozeb – Fungicide
  • Fuel Tablets

Supply Information

  • Seller: Maritime House Ltd is one of the largest independent sellers of hexamine for export
  • Availability: Minimum lot size: 20′ containers (20 mt per container), 40′ containers (26 mt per container)
  • Specification: Stabilised, unstabilised and micronised hexamine is available
  • Packing: 25kg bags – palletised or loose loaded. 1 tonne bags
  • REACH: Fully REACH registered
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